By Inventors, for Inventors


Hi! We’re Kausi (“cow-see”) and Max (“max”) - two graduates from the Integrated Product Design Masters program at the University of Pennsylvania.


As product designers, we understand the value of quick and rapid prototyping - it allows you to understand how your concepts might work in the real world, validate whether it addresses the problem you’re trying to solve, and make improvements. It’s a super fun process that involves building things with your hands and with the resources that you have around you.


As toy designers, we see the value of this process in teaching kids not only problem solving skills, but also how to bring their creative ideas to life.

However, we quickly realized that the tools that make rapid prototyping quick and easy for adults are not accessible by kids - they are either too dangerous or too complex. Cutting cardboard is so tedious, they prefer to not use it as a material at all.


We’re here to fix that!

Meet Team InvenTABLE!