The return of the grid [Industrial Design Update 2]

The return of the grid [Industrial Design Update 2]

We heard you, and we brought the grid back! 

We are so excited to present the final InvenTABLE design. These are renders created by our industrial designer Bart from Loket Design. There may be slight changes as we finish our prototyping and make small improvements, but the overall look and feel will remain the same. The final grid, for instance, will have actual measurements and numbers printed on it - but this gives you an idea!

It's stackable!: 

There's storage under the lid: 

And the dust is collected in a drawer that can be pulled out and emptied (we plan to offer a free 3D printable shop vac attachment that fits in the rectangular opening for those who prefer to connect one):

Now what is with the slots in the lid??

In the past few months, we have been working closely with our Industrial Design and Manufacturing teams to finalize not only the design of InvenTABLE, but also the accessories that come with it.

What we originally sold as "cardboard accessories" for the InvenTABLE are now going to be made out of durable plastic. 

Our "Table Accessories Set" add-on now includes...

A fence attachment:

An angle cutting guide:

And a circle cutting guide:

Now I know what you're thinking - if I don't have the accessories, what's the point of the slots in the lid? We have designed these slots to be the exact width of standard cardboard, so that you can build your own fences and guides to attach!

We are so excited to share this with you and cannot wait to hear your thoughts and feedback! Thank you again for your continued support as we build this thing!


  • Colette on

    Does the blade ever need replacing? If so, will you be selling replacement blades?

  • Kathy on

    What is the depth of cut? How thick can the cardboard be?

  • Kourtney on

    I’m curious about the longevity of the blade/cutting part and its sharpness. What happens when it gets dull? Can it be sharpened/replaced? Maybe it doesn’t need to be, just a question I had.

  • Sarah on

    What is the noise level in terms of decibilbes. And how engrave is it?

  • Harald Eivind Moe on

    What a great idea! I think that a different type of material than plastic, such as cast aluminium, would have raised the quality of the product both with regard to usability and sustainability.

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