A Super Transparent Timeline Update

A Super Transparent Timeline Update

We estimated that we would be able to deliver our product in May for our Kickstarter orders, July for our BackerKit orders, and September for our Shopify orders. It now looks like all three sets of orders will be shipped out in late September/early October.

Because this is our team's first time manufacturing something, we did as much research as we could and sought advice about what the process would look like and how much time it would all take. What we thought was an achievable estimation (May of this year) actually ended up being extremely optimistic.

We are working with an incredible engineering, product development, and supply chain partner called Kaizen Dynamic to build InvenTABLE. Though we met with a few different potential manufacturing partners, we chose KD because they fully understand our product, care deeply about producing something that is quality and long-lasting, and have expertise in both motors and kids toys. We are so happy with our decision.

Though we had known we would have to delay shipping, we didn't know exactly how long. Last week, before our team in China left to celebrate Lunar New Year, we were sent us a detailed spreadsheet with a timeline for the rest of production. In the interest of being as transparent as possible, we are sharing that here:

Check out Kaizen Dynamic's helpful guide on what exactly goes down during EVT, DVT, & PVT here!

Because our team is now traveling to China from March to July to oversee this process, we hope that we can shorten some of these estimates and move things along even quicker.

The red colored text represents moments that we will be posting updates and looking for feedback from you.

We hope to not have to post again about a delay, but hopefully instead post an update to say that we expect to deliver sooner than expected!

Thank you all for your understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to reach out to hello@itsinventable.com with any concerns!


  • Paul Cormier on

    I think you have a cardboard stencil maker for abstract painters…can’t wait for you to be shipping!

  • Kathleen Rolin on

    Hi! I’m a kickstarter backer. We can’t wait to get your product. We are moving in June, so the push back is something we need to consider. How can we update our address to make sure our table gets to us? We can’t wait to create with it!

  • Chris Moreno on

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring this into a reality and to make it happen and specially to put the safety of our children first. Just as an inquiry, the pre-orders taken last year, are we going to receive like the new version of the inventable.. such as with the drawer.?
    Thank you.

  • Chris Moreno on

    Thank you for all the efforts and hard work you’ve been putting together to make this possible for us and for our kids safety.. Just as an inquiry.. the product we pre-ordered last year in 2023 are going to be with the new features such as the drawer..?
    Thank you kindly .!!

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