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Our team is hard at work building the InvenTABLE. You can read more about our progress here!



From real users, educators, & toy experts

InvenTABLE is a true game-changer for young creators, sparking creativity and enabling safe exploration. It's such a fun maker tool, I can't help but wish I had one when I was a kid!

Brendon Boyle

Toy Inventor @ Fuse London | Adjunct Professor @ Stanford D/ School 'Design for Play' | Founder @ IDEO Play Lab

I'm really excited to see such an accessible tool that our students can safely use without having lots of adult hands on deck. Feeling empowered in that way would be game changing for our middle schoolers.

Alexis Sutch

Manager of Youth Programs @ The Franklin Institute

A box in the hand of a young person goes beyond anyone's imagination. This tool would allow them to think spatially about shapes and how to take cardboard and create something a world beyond what we ask them to do. We're hoping to have an InvenTABLE in every one of our classrooms.

Terry Russel

K-5th STEM Teacher @ The Pen Ryn School, PA

My son makes things out of cardboard all the time, but scissors and box cutters aren't safe. This is the perfect solution.


Father of 8 year old

There's so much autonomy in it and my daughter was so proud of what she made.


Mother of 9 year old

I love that my kid is learning about power tool safety and how to respect them. I'm less scared she'll hurt herself on mine.


Father of 9 year old